Days 7-16, so much to be thankful for!

Day 7 | Thankful for my home. I spent HOURS trying to clean/organize it. But I was, and am, thankful to have it.

Day 8 | SO thankful for understanding students.

Day 9 | Thankful that Tuesday is my hump day. YAY!

Day 10 | Thankful for my iPhone. I just realized I could turn my work email off pretty easily. Yay!!!!!

Day 11 | Thankful for all of our veterans! And their families. They all sacrifice more than I could possibly imagine.

Day 12 | Super thankful for date nights with my sweet husband. :)

Day 13 | Thankful for a comfy couch to watch TV with my dear husband. :) We’ve had it a little over a year and it still makes me so happy!

Day 14 | Thankful for the best in-laws ever. Especially the sisters. :)

Day 15 | Thankful for sick time. I hate being sick, but I appreciate that I can be!

Day 16 | Thankful for a husband who shares me with my family even when he’s not thrilled about it!

My mama

My mama…

Every year my FT job gives us the week after Christmas off from work paid and not vaca, woot woot! ;) Most of the last few years I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in hectic, ever more time consuming air travel to spend that week in the much sunnier state of Arizona. I can’t tell you how many times during the year I think to myself, “I really wish my mom lived here. I bet she’d want to run by the mall and look at _______ (leggings? boots? anything?)” But alas, her path took her to AZ while mine has kept me rooted in the county I was born and raised in. And now that I’ve been to Phoenix in the month of August (back in 2007) I can say that without a doubt, I’m a Pac NW girl. If life led my husband and I down a path the ended up in a sunnier or warmer place I’m certain I could adapt. ;)

One of the skills that I am constantly working on is understanding light and how to make it do what I want. I find myself often drawn to the concept of rim lighting. My mom makes it look good. :) Isn’t she stunning? Can you believe she has a daughter that’s 30?

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